Please understand that for privacy reasons we cannot provide information on individual results by telephone or by e-mail.

On this page you can find the current processing status of the telc exam results for exams that were carried out at MONDIALE-Testing in Darmstadt:

Exam dateExamStatus
22.07.2022Deutsch A2-B1 DTZ Results sent
02.08.2022Deutsch B1 Results sent
05.08.2022Deutsch A2-B1 DTZ Results sent
08.08.2022Deutsch A1 Results sent
09.08.2022Deutsch C1 Hochschule Results sent
15.08.2022Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege Results sent
18.08.2022Deutsch A1 Results sent
22.08.2022Deutsch B1 Waiting for results
02.09.2022Deutsch A2-B1 DTZ Waiting for results
08.09.2022Deutsch B1-B2 Pflege Waiting for results
  • Waiting for results

    The examination has already taken place and we have sent the examination documents to telc for correction. We are now waiting for telc to send the results back to us. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the processing speed at telc and do not receive any further information as to when the evaluation is completed.

  • Results sent

    We have sent the exam results by mail to the address you provided to us. You should receive your result within the next 5 working days. Please wait at least these 5 days before contacting us if you do not receive a result, as we cannot influence the delivery of the mail.

  • Results ready for collection

    For A1 exams, we will inform you by telephone as soon as the results have arrived and are ready for collection. The results are not automatically sent by mail.