Frequently Asked Questions about our telc exams (FAQ)

You should register at least 14 days before the exam.

Starting 21 days before the exam date, a late registration fee will be charged due to late registration.

You can pay by PayPal account, direct debit (SEPA direct debit), giropay, Sofortüberweisung or credit card, as well as by invoice (prepayment) up to three weeks before the exam. Registration and payment is only possible online.

Please note that your payment must be received by us no later than 72 hours after registration when using the payment method “advance payment”. Otherwise your booking will be cancelled automatically.

Registration and payment is only possible online via the website.

Registration for a language examination is possible at any time, independent of course attendance.

Our telc exams usually start at 13:30. Unfortunately, we cannot give a specific time for the end of the exam in advance, as this depends on many factors. Please keep the afternoon free until at least 18:00. Special time requests cannot be considered!

It is possible to postpone your booked exam date up to a certain deadline by prior arrangement. Please take note of the examination conditions and that a fee will be charged for rebooking.

Please contact us in time if you want to change your exam date.

If you are unable to take your telc examination due to illness, please inform us before the examination begins. A medical certificate is required so that you can receive a refund of the examination fee minus the registration fee. Please inform yourself about the examination conditions.

If you take a failed examination again, you can have a partial result (written or oral part) from a previous examination taken into account. You then do not need to repeat the corresponding part of the examination. The result will be credited against your new examination result. Previous results can only be credited for the same examination (e.g. B1 for B1, B2 for B2, etc.). A crediting of C1 for C1 Hochschule or vice versa is not possible. Please also note the information on the validity of your result on the back of the result sheet, as crediting is only possible in a certain period of time.

For the examinations A2-B1, B1-B2 Pflege and B2-C1 Medizin as well as B1-B2 Beruf and B2-C1 Beruf no partial results of previous examinations can be credited.

The participant is responsible for the validity in terms of time and content of their result data transmitted to us.

If you would like to take only a partial exam, please send us an email after registration with the scan or photo of the result sheet of your previous exam that you would like to combine with the new exam.

After you have registered for the examination and paid the examination fee, you will receive an e-mail confirmation containing information and rules for the examination day. Please read these instructions carefully!

If you do not show up on time on the day of the exam, you cannot take part in the exam!

No aids are allowed.

You can find out whether the results for your examination are already available on the page with the result status. The results are usually available about 6 weeks after the exam. We usually send your result by mail, but you can also pick it up in person by showing your photo ID.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get the results any faster. An express correction is not possible.

The results are usually sent by post. If you would like to collect your results personally from us, please inform us accordingly. Please understand that it is not possible to send the results by e-mail or abroad.

With a signed power of attorney and a copy of your identity card or passport, you can have the result picked up by a person you trust. The person must also carry an identity card or passport.

When registering for an exam, please ensure that you enter your personal data correctly. Your data will be processed and passed on in accordance with the information you provide.

If the information on your exam result is incorrect, please let us know by e-mail. We can then request a correction of the result from telc, for which telc charges a processing fee of 40 €.

If you think a mistake was made in scoring your exam, please contact the respective exam provider.

MONDIALE exams: In the case of a MONDIALE exam, please contact us directly.

telc exams: In the case of telc examinations, you will find the option to contact and appeal your examination result and to request to inspect it at Only telc can review your exam result, so please contact telc directly.

Other examinations: Please contact the respective examination provider, as only they can check your result.