How to become a test centre / application
The application for recognition as a test centre for the MONDIALE-Testing Online Tests can be made informally by email to the MONDIALE-Testing office. MONDIALE-Testing will subsequently check the application and if all requirements are met, will issue a licence. The licence is free and valid to the end of the calendar year. It is automatically extended, if it has not been cancelled 4 weeks before the end of the year. The option of cancellation without notice is unaffected for serious breaches of the test regulations.

A test centre has to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Contact point
    There has to be a suitable and coherent contact point through which all tests are organised and coordinated. The contact point shall be managed by a person (who is named) who holds primary managerial responsibility for the tests.
  • Responsibility
    The testing centre is required to name a tests manager, test day officers and test invigilators. The costs involved are met by the test centre.
  • Staffing
    The test centre must have sufficient staff to carry out the tests.
    The test centre staff and invigilators must be familiar with the organisation and structure of the tests and the test regulations and have a good knowledge of English.
  • Premises
    The testing centre premises must be sufficiently large and fulfil the technical requirements  to allow the tests to be performed correctly.

Premises specifications
A PC room with individual PC work stations is required for the Writing Tests . The seating distance between the work stations must be at least 120 cm (measured from the centre of the monitor).

For the Speaking Test, the test centre must have at least one room with a minimum of one landline connection. In addition, one room must be available as a communal room, which is separate from the Speaking Test and Writing Test rooms.

Technical requirements
All PCs must have an internet connection and web access. The time to access a website may not exceed 5 seconds. The PCs must be installed with either the latest or penultimate operating system and a Flash Player. They must have a sound card and an audio out (modular jack). The PC work station must also have a headset / set of earphones. There are no plans to use microphones.

The test room for the Speaking Test must have at least one landline phone connection. If a test entrant chooses on registration to take the Speaking Test on web conference basis, there are additional requirements which must be met, these are detailed on a separate information sheet.