[1] Who is MONDIALE Testing?

MONDIALE-Testing is located in Darmstadt, Germany and is an internationally renowned company in the field of online language tests. We have extensive experience in working with well-known corporate clients. In addition to this, we have established partnership with leading international audit commissions, colleges and universities – this helps to guarantee the quality of our language tests.

[2] What are the objectives and goals of the tests?

The MONDIALE-Testing language test products are used as recognized language test for determining language level and validating language competency in 5 foreign languages.

 [3] What are the tests used for?

The Online MONDIALE language tests provide a wide range of target groups the option to evaluate their language skills:

# Employees from different departments and would like to attend a foreign language course and can be used to determine their level prior to class enrollment. Can also be used to provide feedback and language progression of employees who are already attending a language course.

# For Technical Professionals who would like to have a validation of their language abilities in order to improve their career opportunities.

# Students and Trainees, who need proof if their language and communication skills in order to expand their Resume (CV) portfolio for application purposes.

Therefore, the MONDIALE Online tests provide language skill validation for the following groups:

# Employers that would like to determine the communication skills of their employees in a foreign language.

# Language Schools and Trainers, who want to offer their customers validation of successful teaching.

[4] How are the online MONDIALE tests generally structured?

The MONDIALE Online language tests contain a maximum of 5 parts:

# The general structure of the test:  This part is used to check the language skills of the candidates in terms of general, professional or technical vocabulary and grammar. This is used to assess the listening and reading comprehension skills.

# Listening Section: In some language test products, a specific listening comprehension tasks are incorporated.

# Reading Section: In some language test products, a specific reading comprehension tasks are added.

# Writing Section: Consists of a writing task that should demonstrate the level appropriate writing skills which are common in the workplace.

# Speaking Section:  Here candidate’s abilities to communicate appropriately and effectively is tested using a telephone or Web conferencing technology.

[5] What are the levels of the tests?

The MONDIALE online language tests are based on the internationally recognized CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which was introduced in 2001 by the Euro Council and has since then has established worldwide acceptance.

Please refer to the relevant detailed information on the language tests each level coverage.

[6] How are the tests conducted?

The sections General language structure, Reading, Listening and Writing are carried out online. The Speaking section of the test takes place on the telephone or with Web conferencing technology.

[7] To what extent are the online MONDIALE language tests a recognized qualification?

The Online MONDIALE language tests are closely aligned with the approach, content and language level definitions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), which was introduced in 2001 by the Euro Council. Since then, the CEFR has gained global acceptance and is the basis for curricula, tests and language certificates in various fields such as secondary school, higher education and training, vocational training, etc. In addition, most international companies define their workplace language needs on the CEFR.

MONDIALE Testing is also a member of the International Certificate Conference (ICC) and the European Association of Language Testing and Assessment (eALTA) and the International Language Testing Association and (ILTA). These three international organizations are dedicated to the maintenance of quality standards.

As a result, the Online MONDIALE language tests provide an appropriate qualification for anyone who wants to prove their language and communication skills for current or potential future employers.

[8] What preparations are needed for the test?

To prepare for the different tasks the MONDIALE online language tests there are various commercial teaching materials available.

For immediate preparation for the MONDIALE online language tests, we offer free sample tests on the MONDIALE Testing site. Directly after completion of the test , the candidate will receive a results report that reflects their test results and identifies the achieved language level.

MONDIALE Testing also has regular preparation workshops for their language exams. Please have a periodic look at our website for more details.

[9] Where and when can I take the tests?

Various online MONDIALE language tests (test classifications, Assessments, etc.) can be purchased through our online store and can be carried out from virtually anywhere.

All High Stakes language tests and exams can only be taken here in house at our company or at authorized test centers and universities or language institutes. Information for the nearest test center can be found here.