Apart from placement and proficiency tests you want to know how to precede. We advise you how to plan the best language training program for your needs and your budget, not to sell you a training service – we have none.

Employee training
Individual employees need to be educated for new assignments or promotion within the firm. General and assignment-specific language training is of utmost importance. We advise you in your selection of the correct training measures and provide an individual program profile that enables you to optimize your training strategy – independent of training provider.

Departmental training
A project team decides on a group training offensive to improve language skills. The focus should be on vocational and departmental content. End-to-end counselling from placement through gap analysis to goal setting and assessment needs to be implemented and documented. With our profiling information you give the training partner of your choice clear guide lines and motivate your employees.

Language course system conception
On the basis of internationally recognized proficiency profiles we will design a unique, effective and cost-efficient course system combining many different training concepts to fit your requirements. Motivating employee participation and adhering to budget are our highest priorities.

Placement profiles
Whenever Mondiale-Testsysteme administers a placement test, a profile is automatically produced, whether for an individual, a group or a complete company. This way you have the language level of your employees at a glance.

Selection Process
You are faced with the decision which language training institute or individual free-lance trainers to chose. Mondiale-Testsysteme supports you in your decision process, giving you neutral and professional consulting.

The progress of your language training program needs review. The status of the program can be documented at any given time. Motivation is maintained, poor attendance prevented. A combination of internal training and external monitoring measures insures you the best ROI.